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Install Drag2Cart and get the first touch of mobile e-commerce with draggable products.

Boost your mobile business with draggable products

More products in the cart – improved order value

Gestures like drag, tap and swipe is natural on mobile devices. Making it easier for customers to add more products in the cart increases the order value.

Fast and simplified shopping – better conversion

With the always accessible dynamic cart your customers can go straight to checkout - no need to pass the ordinary cart summary page before payment.

Really simple to install - no tech skills needed

A few clicks and all products in your store become draggable. Get ready for better mobile conversion!

Finger Swipes Product To Cart With Swipe2Buy Shopify Application

This is how Drag2Cart works on your Shopify store

The Drag2Cart app makes all products "draggable" by adding an invisible layer to the web stores interface. The Drag2Cart app also adds a "dynamic cart" for customers to drag products to. The dynamic cart is available in three different versions - Hidden, Sliding & Fixed.


Easy to start 

The installation does not require any programming knowledge. You get a very simple administration page where you can activate the app as it is - out of the box and get started immediately.


Simple to customize 

Or you can customize the app to suit your store's unique needs. 


  • if you want the functionality only on mobile devices, only on your desktop store or both.

  • which type of the three dynamic carts is best for your store.

  • where on the screen you we have the button to open and close the dynamic cart so it works best for you.

  • colors in the admin to match your unique design

  • if the customer on payment goes directly to your checkout page via the dynamic cart or if you want them to go to the cart summar before.

Swipe2Buy Layer Makes Your Products Swipeable

The best thing...
It's totally FREE

Touching is beliving

The best way to experience Drag2Cart is to put your finger on the screen and drag products to the cart.

Use this QR code on your mobile

or tap this link

Two Girls Swiping Products To Cart

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