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It all started with "Why can't I use gestures on websites in the mobile?"

All e-commerce platforms adapt their stores to mobile with a responsive design. But what is the reason why responsive design does not deliver as good mobile sales as the PC?


In other words, today's e-commerce solutions with responsive design does not take advantage of the three unique benefits of mobile touch devices: highly visual, intuitive and tactile.

In a mobile, it should be easy, fast and give a real shopping experience to shop - not be an order process.


The solution is to add “Touch” and “Drag” to a responsive design. We developed our Drag3Cart technology to make all products in an ordinary web shop “draggable” with a minimal disturbance to the shops function and design. 

This gives the e-retailers a better, more profitable mobile business by giving the consumers a faster, easier and better shopping experience. As a real mobile e-commerce should be.


Touchize is based on a group of people with the conviction that it is possible to make e-commerce on devices with touch screens much more profitable and easier than today.

Within the group and our network, there is experience in trade, mobile development, IT systems; UX design, finance and business development.


We are convinced that mobile is the device that are the most important in global e-commerce development. And making it easy for the consumer with Drag2Cart is absolutely central to the ongoing mobile e-commerce transformation.


Jesper Deleuran // CEO

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