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Download Drag2Cart on your Shift4Shop and get the first touch of mobile e-commerce with draggable products.

The Benefits To Your Store

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Higher Average Order Value

By incorporating the drag gesture, adding to cart becomes a fast and fuss-free experience. Capitalize on shoppers’ spontaneous interest and enthusiasm for your products.

Reduced Cart Abandonment

Drag2Cart removes barriers from the purchase journey, giving customers fewer reasons to abandon their shopping session, and make it all the way to checkout.

Boosted Conversion Rates

Streamlining the shopping experience and payment process, Drag2Cart helps get sales safely across the line while purchase intent is still high.

Better Customer Retention

Provide a memorable, frustration-free shopping experience that will keep shoppers coming back time and time again.

How It Works

Drag2Cart is quick and easy to install – absolutely no coding experience necessary. Once added to your store, it applies an extra touch layer to your existing design.


This makes products “draggable” – letting your customers use this familiar mobile gesture to easily add their selected products to the cart.


Multiple product variants, colors or sizes? No problem. Drag2Cart will automatically trigger a pop up, enabling shoppers to customize their selection.


Drag2Cart also adds a Drag Cart icon, helping keep the shopping experience intuitive and seamless. Choose between 3 different types of cart: Hidden, Sliding or Fixed.


When it comes to checkout, you can either send customers to your store’s default cart or basket, or let them proceed directly to payment, accelerating the process. Simple.

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Ready To Get Started?

Our team of friendly Scandinavians are ready and waiting to help make your mobile commerce dreams come true. We’re known for our speedy support – just read our reviews.


Installation is code-free and our admin panel makes customization easy.


Hit “Download now” and let’s get you started.

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