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Boost your sales with a “touch” optimized sales channel for mobiles and tablets

This module gives you a unique mobile sales channel where all products are “Swipeable”! The module makes mobile shopping faster, easier and more enjoyable increasing loyalty and boosting mobile sales. 

A radical new module to grow your sales on mobiles

and tablets

  • Makes it simpler for the mobile consumers to put more products in the shopping cart increasing the average order value (AOV)

  • You can quickly add interactive promotional banners where consumers can drag products from the banners directly to the cart

  • Consumers gets a faster, simpler and more enjoyable shopping experience.

A unique "Swipeable" mobile shopping experience for

your customers

  • By optimizing mobile sales with Swipe-2-Buy for mobiles and tablets this module gives your customers a unique mobile shopping experience

  • Lowers the barrier between inspiration and purchase

  • Swipe-2-Buy increases customer satisfaction and loyalty to your shop

Finger Swipes Product To Cart With Swipe2Buy Shopify Application

This is how the Touchize Commerce module works on your PrestaShop store

This module uses the content of the webshop and provides a new user interface that is optimized for mobile devices with touch screens.

Since today's responsive design only adapts the PC version of the web shop to the smaller screen, no adaptation is made to "Touch" and "Swipe" in today's web shops.


This problem is solved by the Touchize module by using product information and product images and presenting this in the module's mobile optimized interface with "Swipeable" products.

In this way the mobile consumer gets a solution that is in line with how you normally use a mobile with "Touch" and "Swipe".


The module also has an administration page that provides extensive opportunities to adapt the module to each merchant's special needs and wishes.

QR Code To PrestaShop Demo Store
is beliving

The best way to experience Touchize  Commerce is to put your finger on the screen and drag products to the cart.

Use the QR code and test it live in your mobile.

Touchize Commerce Swipe Interface For PrestaShop
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