Be a winner in the mobile race with “swipeable” products

Touchize Solutions is based on our Swipe2Buy technology, which gives the customer the opportunity to simply Swipe the products they buy into a SwipeCart shopping cart.

This makes it easier and faster for the consumer to add and change products that they buy without changing pages and clicking on different buttons as on a PC or laptop.

Completely in line with how a user expects to shop on a mobile / touch screen device.

Swipe2Buy improve your business by:

  • More products in the cart, improved conversion and better profitability per order.

  • A competitive edge compared to merchants with only traditional responsive design without Swipeable products.

  • Higher loyalty to your shop by offering the best mobile shopping experience

Touchize Swipe solution for the Shopify platform makes the products in a standard responsive design "Swipable". This means that the consumer in a regular Shopify store can "swipe" the products directly to a "SwipeCart" in all devices with both a touch interface and a standard PC interface…

Touchize solution for PrestaShop provides the e-merchant and dedicated mobile sales channel. This is achieved by Touchize giving retailers a fully mobile-optimized interface that is fully focused and optimized for mobile devices with a touch screen interface ...

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About why we do what we do...

Touchize started wita the questions: Why didn't people shop more on their mobiles than their PCs?

What was missing? Why is mobile conversion only about half of what a PC does?

We realized that there is a great business potential here for mobile e-commerce...

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