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Be a winner in the mobile race with draggable products - Just drag it

Touchize Solutions is based on our Drag2Cart technology, which gives the customer the opportunity to simply drag the products they buy into a dynamic shopping cart.

This makes it easier and faster for the consumer to add and change products that they buy without changing pages and clicking on different buttons as on a PC or laptop.

Completely in line with how a user expects to shop on a mobile / touch screen device.

Mobile Drag2Cart improves your business by:

  • More products in the cart, improved conversion and better profitability per order.

  • A competitive edge compared to merchants with only traditional responsive design without draggable products.

  • Higher loyalty to your shop by offering the best mobile shopping experience

Girl With Coffee Swiping Products To Cart

Merchants with a mobile edge

Touchize Drag2Cart solution for the Shopify platform makes the products in a standard responsive design draggable. This means that the consumer in a regular Shopify store can drag the products directly to a dynamic cart in all devices with both a touch interface and a standard PC interface…

Shopify Logotype With Green Bag

Merchants with a mobile edge

PrestaShop Logotype

Touchize solution for PrestaShop provides the e-merchant and dedicated mobile sales channel. This is achieved by Touchize giving retailers a fully mobile-optimized interface that is 100% focused and optimized for mobile devices with a touch screen interface ...

Touchize Icon

About why we do what we do...

We belive- no we are convinced that mobile devices are central to making ecommerce grow and expand even further.

But why is mobile conversion not at the same level as PC?

What is missing? Why are mobile consumers still not buying more product with their mobiles?

We are going to be one of the keys unlocking the great business potential that are in mobile e-commerce...

Want to know more? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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