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What Turns Today's Mobile Business Into a "Success?"— Touch and Swipe!

The world of e-commerce has been taken over by mobile devices. No wonder people are found to be owning more mobile phones than toothbrushes (Consumer Technology Association, 2015). Over ⅔ of the total world's inhabitants are accompanied by these "handy devices," and these also enrich the shopping experience of the users. In order to adjust to the needs of the users, leveraging touch and swipe is a must-have for all the retailers out there to stay in the game. Today, over 80% of the total shoppers are found to be using mobile phones for making their decision process, and the majority of them make use of mobile phones for that.

The Rise in Mobile Phone Usage

In the United States alone, more than 25% of the mobile web users are mobile-only; however, the percentage is even higher in other countries, including Mexico, China, Indonesia, and the list goes on. An average mobile user spends five hours per day using a mobile phone. The core purpose of mobile phones includes communication, entertainment, and browsing, 51% of the mobile phone users are found to be saying that they use mobile phones for purchasing or discovering a new brand (Google, 2018), also, they are more likely to purchase from those companies that offer them appealing and easy-to-be used websites. It suggests that more than half of the customers who are visiting your website are doing it via a mobile phone. Therefore, it is crucial for all the retailers to look for solutions for enhancing their user-experience and a mobile-friendly website is not just about the speed and the layout; it is much more than that. The key point is, it is vital to provide the users with a mobile-friendly approach so the retailers can stay ahead of the competitors rather than getting lost somewhere in the dust.

One of the core pros of touch screens is that these are easy to be used, as the touching art is instinctive, the devices of touch-screens are simple to be operated, and with the addition of touch and swipe, more time can be saved, and all that a user has to do is, touch the desired thing and just swipe as it makes the shopping more in line with the behaviour of mobile.

How can the buying process be enhanced?

For speeding up and making the shopping experience a lot easier, the feature of touch and swipe must be introduced in the websites as these make the primary functions a lot easy and enjoyable for the users.

The Benefits of Touch and Swipe

  • They make the shopping experience enjoyable and fast.

  • More products can be added to the cart at once.

  • The checkout rate gets increased as people finish the process and don't quit due to not understanding the process fully.

Wrapping up

With the help of the touch and swipe feature, a business can boost sales as the majority of the shoppers today use mobile phones for purchasing the products and services, and it all happens with just a few simple touches and swipes.

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