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Skyrocketing Mobile E-Commerce Conversion Rates With Swipe 2 Buy

E-commerce has changed the world of shopping. Swipe and Touch is about to change the world of e-commerce.

M-Commerce is growing remarkably since the advent of e-commerce. According to eMarketer, global m-Commerce sales are expected to reach an astounding $3.5 trillion by 2021. This is about 73% of the eCommerce global market.

Do you want to be a part of this remarkable growth potential?

More and more users are browsing the web from a mobile device. According to Monetate, E-commerce shops get 56.2% of the traffic from mobile phones as compared to 34.5% traffic from desktops. Despite these statistics, why is the conversion rate of desktop E-commerce more than double that of mobile E-commerce?

It seems that people like to browse e-commerce shops on their mobile phones but they are not as keen to purchase from their mobile phones.

Users are browsing the web with more e-commerce intent than ever before. This means that they are ready to empty their wallets for your product. All you have to do is to provide them with a simple and convenient interface that makes it super-easy for them to purchase your product - something like Swipe2Buy.

With a swipe and buy feature on your store, you can make buying very simple for your customers. With such an option, you can boost your mobile e-commerce conversion rates by many folds. The apparent discrepancy between mobile phone browsers and shoppers exists because of problems at the checkout. Many people hate to wait around before they can checkout and purchase the product. Furthermore, even if it takes a few seconds extra to add products to the cart, it gives extra time to the customers to rethink their decision. Remember, the quicker the buying decision is the better it is for you. Otherwise, your prospective customer might give up on buying after a second thought or may choose your competitors instead.

Therefore, the last stage of buying, when the customer is just about to pull out their wallet – or credit card – is the key. This point can make or break the deal as the entire sales process boils down to this moment. It is imperative that you make this stage as easy and as simple as possible. At this stage, your goal is to get the customer to complete the purchase quickly before you lose him.

With Swipe2Buy, you can easily make the final process smooth and easy for the buyer. With just a swipe, the product will be in the cart at the checkout. Just another tap and voila!

With this feature, you will be able to make your customers’ shopping experience much quicker and enjoyable. You will be able to get a better AOV (Average Order Value) as customers add more products to the cart. You will also get more returning customers who want to purchase from you. So, this will benefit you in the long-term as well.

When mobile e-commerce first came around, it was quite a challenge for both retailers and customers to purchase a product on the small screen. But now, a simple swipe and buy option can make your mobile shop exactly according to how your customers want it to be!

Ready to boost your conversion rates? Click here to download the app!

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