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Mobile phones for shopping

Mobile phone users generate nearly half of the world's web traffic. In 2020, mobile users accounted for 50.81% of worldwide web traffic. Your online shop or website should be accessible and available on mobile. As 76% of users usually buy on their mobiles because this is a very time-saving method. Even if we are shopping in a physical store, one-third of our buying decisions are affected by the extra research we do on our mobiles about that product. Mobile e-commerce is now improved through mobile-friendly webpages, specialized apps, and social networking sites. Augmented reality, chatbots, and messenger apps are making it easier for corporations to communicate with their clients by using applications and services that their clients are already using and loving.

Some advantages of using mobile phones for shopping are:

  • The mobile phone is accessible, and everyone has it nowadays.

  • If you have a mobile phone, you can buy anything, anywhere, at any time.

  • Another reason for customers to buy products on mobile devices is, they can easily compare the values of the same product on different websites or e-stores.

  • They can also calculate the shipping costs very conveniently on mobile phones.

  • Today, there are countless mobile payment methods which are very convenient.

  • Mobile wallets are available for secured payments.

According to the survey major population of the Eleven developing and emerging countries, either own or share a cell phone, and it is very popular throughout every nation to own a personal mobile phone than sharing it with anyone else. Most of these countries use smartphones, and it is particularly popular among youngsters and educated people. In the meantime, accessibility to tablets or laptops is less common. This portable innovation has users not only chatting, messaging, and writing, but also buying banking and publishing. Individuals are too reliant on mobile these days. Despite this fact, still, just 12% of customers find it easy to shop on the mobile website. Buyers are four times likely to claim that a laptop is much more efficient than a mobile website. Why do people prefer desktop over mobile phones for online shopping?

There are many reasons for that including:

  • The desktop provides a more enjoyable experience

  • Links of pages or products are too small on mobile

  • Security issues became a big challenge and the second most important barrier to mobile shopping.

  • Email interruptions, applications, and other features have become a hindrance to smartphone shopping.

  • Complexity in finding what a consumer is searching for is an obstacle in shopping on mobile.

  • Just 30% of customers accepted that mobile internet experience becomes relevant when surfing.

  • 9 out of 10 buyers think that phone shopping can be upgraded and improved.

Customers state that they complete 61% of their shopping on the desktop because it is more convenient and easier. As the desktop view makes it easy to find the product they are looking for. According to the above-stated facts, it is very visible that shopping by using mobile phones can be greatly helpful for your e-commerce businesses but there are some changes and improvements required. For example, the mobile user interface should be easy and fun, the icons and links should be bigger in size, the shopping and browsing experience should be relevant, payment methods and processes should be convenient, and all products should be listed properly.

To improve the shopping experience on mobile, Swipe2Buy is the perfect solution. It is a feature to make your mobile commerce business better. With the help of this, you can make your products swipe to the cart on the side. This makes your mobile shop user friendly and your customers will not have to go back to the store again and again after adding products to their carts. In this way, the customers will not get frustrated and their time will be saved. They can see the products in their carts easily on the side. Also, the checkout process will be easy. It will attract more customers and benefits your e-commerce business. So, the sellers will get more items in the cart and the average order value (AOV) will increase.

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